Welcome at ORMI, Europe’s institute for online reputation management

ORMI is guided by the vision that a growing number of people and companies will be confronted with the undesired impact of (un)sollicited online publications and the unforeseen effects of the data mining industry. ORMI realises that both legislation, codes of conducts and legitimate preventative and practical counter response methods by individuals or companies need to be developed, maintained and professionalised, preferably on a transnational level in close dialogue with all stakeholders involved, since:

  • (un)sollicited online publications can harm both the personal of brand reputation and limit personal or business progress for years on end.
  • datamining by external companies can lead to a breach of privacy or lead to undesired exposure of business information.
The mission of ORMI is to raise awareness and inform all stakeholders, to help set (trans)national industry standards and code of conducts, exchange knowledge and inspire public, legal, social, political and industry agenda’s with regards to all aspects of defensive and preventive online reputation management, both, in close dialogue with relevant industry partners, institutes and experts.


Our goal is to develop, promote and encourage the substantive dialogue, the dissemination of knowledge and the establishment of guidelines and quality criteria for Online Reputation Management methodologies and related issues, including being a transnational spokesperson, positioning and lobbying.

The foundation seeks to achieve this mission only by lawful means, including:
  • Initiating an interest and association with relevant experts inside and outside Europe;
  • Actively build, develop and maintain a center of excellence within the speciality;
  • Actively build, develop and maintain a dialogue with relevant organizations in this field;
  • Representing the profession and stakeholders at international level in all possible fora;
  • Serving as adviser, guide and reference platform for parties to (online) Reputation Management;
  • Preparation of (inter) national guidelines and quality criteria;
  • Initiating, encouraging and facilitating the transfer of knowledge and research; through presentations, meetings, publicity and partnerships among get the attention and bringing benefits, trends and developments in the field;
  • Compiling of information and knowledge documents;
  • Organizing knowledge sessions, master classes, roundtable discussions, debates, seminars, training and advisory services to third parties;
  • Any other means which are desirable for the promotion of the target, useful or are necessary;
  • Developing and maintaining contacts and cooperation with third parties if and where it can be useful for the foundation